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Add a video of your ceremony to your package for as little as $195 !
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Jess & Greg at the Grand Plaza

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Created 23-Oct-14
Modified 23-Oct-14

Liza Jo & Paul Rasmussen at Indian Rocks Beach

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Created 4-Mar-15
Modified 4-Mar-15

Jess & Greg's wedding reception - Presidential Ballroom

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Created 24-Oct-14
Modified 24-Oct-14

Kari & Dad 1st Dance at Grand Plaza

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Created 19-Apr-14
Modified 19-Apr-14
Kari & Dad 1st Dance at Grand Plaza

The Wedding of Janelle & Matt

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Created 3-Aug-14
Modified 3-Aug-14

Jill & Scott Wedding Reception

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Created 20-Sep-14
Modified 20-Sep-14

Heidi & Tim Wedding Video

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Created 17-Apr-14
Modified 17-Apr-14
Heidi & Tim Wedding Video

Amanda & Eric Slideshow Pro

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Created 19-Dec-14
Modified 19-Dec-14